Centre for Psychological Counselling and Career Guidance

Location: campus HAŞDEU, Residence VII
Contact: Dr. Codruţa Alina Popescu, consultant psychologist

 Target beneficiaries:

• Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy students or our university
• Resident physicians

 To make an appointment for a free consultation, please contact us:

  • Psychologist Dr. Codruţa Alina Popescu,
  • Psychologist Ana Maria Tegzesiu,

 Counselling programs are available for the following issues:
• Successful adaptation to campus and academic life
• Interpersonal and relational problems
• Performance, intellectual, professional and relational anxiety
• Psychological assistance and career guidance.

Conspoz1  Conspoz2

Special services:
• Emergency consultations (intellectual and emotional overload)
• Integration of international students into campus life
• Individual counselling and psychotherapy
• Psychological management of eating disorders (overweight, obesity, bulimia, anorexia)
• Counselling and guidance for career orientation and development
• Assertiveness training and psychological support for the management of stress induced by the examinations and especially the medical residency examination.