Department for International Students

The Department for International Students is the structure in charge of admission to studies of the candidates by evaluating school performance and personal achievements.
Candidates admitted to studies can study only with tuition fee at the following study programs: Bachelor, Master's degree and Residency.
The Department for International Students provides information on the methodology for admission in the first year for undergraduate or postgraduate studies by phone, e-mail or directly during office hours.
It deals with the reception, verification, recording and centralizing the complete application files.
The department ensures good cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Embassies / Consulates and General Inspectorate for Immigration Cluj.

Contact information:

Gh. Marinescu Street, no. 23, room 1, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Phone +40-374-834207; +40-374-834167

Department for International Students Team
Prorector: Prof. MAN Sorin, MD, PhD

Cornelia IACOB
Casandra PUGNA
Monica COPOȚ

Working hours:
M-Th: 11:00-15:00