MedFUTURE – The Research Center for Advanced Medicine







Founded in 2015, MedFUTURE – The Research Center for Advanced Medicine is the end result of a 17 months POSCCE project entitled  “Dezvoltarea infrastructurii de cercetare integrată pentru medicină avansată şi medicină translaţională în vederea creşterii competitivităţii ştiinţifice la nivel internaţional în domeniile pentru sănătate” – MedFUTURE. The total value of the project was 37.150.572,33 RON (8 million Euro) and its objective was to create a high performance research center in the field of advance medicine where new concepts at molecular level can be created and developed in order to understand the mechanisms that lead to the appearance of certain diseases and where personalized and adapted treatments can be identified by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and minimum invasive methods.

MedFUTURE – The Research Center for Advanced Medicine promotes the development and application of new technologies in the field of molecular and functional imaging, proteomics, metabolomics and advanced experimental medicine for personalized therapies, as well as clinical studies for pharmacogenomics and pharmacoproteomics that will provide new concepts and approaches and will generate the necessary database for the design of specific therapies based on the identification of molecular mechanisms and triggers in the alteration of the genome and the achievement of the specific fenome in different pathologies. Within MedFUTURE, there is a need to create and develop an infrastructure integrated for advanced and translational medicine in order to increase the scientific competitiveness at the international level in the medical field.


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