Imagistică medicală

Imagistică medicală

Medical Imaging department

Head of Chair: Prof. Dr. Radu Badea
Address:Clinica Medicală III, Dept.Ecografie, str. Croitorilor nr 19-21-23 
Phone: 0264-439889



General presentation

The Medical Imaging department is made of a core of specialists, with high performance activities, both educational and scientific, spanning all the branches of medical imaging: ultrasonography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine. The educational curriculum is centered on imaging applications in the abdominal pathology. Currently, our activity addresses students in medicine, licensed medical nurses, resident physicians and specialist physicians, in each case on a corresponding level of competence. Our research activities are complex, focused on studies of morphology and vascularity of the abdominal organs in pathological conditions as well as on functional pathology. These activities rely heavily on PhD students’ contribution. Lately, our department has also deployed studies of experimental research. The visibility of our activities is sustained by a large number of scientific papers published in ISI journals and conferences in international and national meetings.

Alphabetical list of staff: