Monday, 10 May 2021 15:49

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! Students’ evaluation of teaching activity for the 2nd semester (2020-2021)

The evaluation process of teaching activity for the 2nd semester will take place on 10 MAY- 06 JUNE 2021 (available for all students).

To access your own account you should take the following steps:


1. Access the address and fill out the username and password as follows:


Username: the faculty code (MED – Medicine, FAR – Pharmacy, STO – Dental Medicine) + the matriculation number (found on your student report card)

Password: the last four characters of your username



Exemples (!Depending on your matriculation number!):

utilizator (username) = MED28481, parola (password) = 8481    

utilizator (username) = STO8581, parola (password) = 8581

tilizator (username) = FAR206, parola (password) = R206

2. After you’ve selected the name of the teacher you must ‘FILL OUT’ the Evaluation Form.

3. After completing the evaluation you must select to ‘SUBMIT FORM’.


NOTE: For Medicine students in the 4th - 6th year of study, all disciplines are open for evaluation. Please evaluate during this period ONLY those disciplines (modules) that took place this semester.


If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process, please refer them to or (Quality Assurance Department).


Thank you!


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