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METHODOLOGY on the academic mobility of foreign students from higher education institutions in UKRAINE to"Iuliu Hațieganuˮ University of Medicine and Pharmacyˮ Cluj-Napoca

Dear students,

The "Iuliu Hațieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy informs you that Methodology on the academic mobility of foreign students from higher education institutions in UKRAINE to “Iuliu Hațieganuˮ University of Medicine and Pharmacyˮ Cluj-Napoca, 2022-2023, is now available.


The enrollment and evaluation CALENDAR

04.04.2022 -28.04. 2022
  • Submission of the application files, in person or by representative, to the International Students Department, str. Gh. Marinescu, no.23, room
  • Verification of the content of the files and their eligibility.
02.05.2022 – 27.05. 2022
  • Passing the language proficiency test at the Modern Languages Discipline within the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Taking the psychological exam through the Center for the psychological counseling and career guidance.
  • Obtaining the medical certificate at the student medical office.
30.05.2022 – 24.06. 2022
  • Evaluation of the candidates by the specialized commissions through interview and knowledge test, based on the university’s own criteria, in accordance with the international best practices, learning outcomes, skills and abilities, according to the program for which the mobility is required.
  • Recognition and granting of ECTS credits by the specialized commissions.
  • Display of the evaluation results.
  • The confirmation of the places of the accepted candidates will be possible with the condition of paying 1/2 of the tuition fee.The amount paid for the   confirmation is non-refundable.
  • The International Students Department sends the documents to the Ministry of Education - General Directorate for International Relations and European Affairs in order to obtain the Letter of Acceptance for studies.Following the issuance of the Letters of Acceptance for Studies by the Ministry of Education, the International Students Department notifies the candidates and the related embassies in order to issue the study visas.


For more information regarding the admission process, please contact the International Student Department:

Address: Gh. Marinescu Street, no. 23, room 1
Phone: +40-364-130942; +40-364-130943; +40-364-130941; +40-374-834167
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 11-15

Department manager: Prof. Sorin MAN, MD, PhD

• Cornelia IACOB
• Casandra PUGNA
• Emilia DOBREAN
• Monica COPOȚ


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