Friday, 12 August 2022 13:11

Invitation Welcoming Day 2022

Dear Students,

Welcome to UMF Cluj!

UMF Cluj-Napoca and the English Medical Students' Association (EMSA) would like to invite you to join us for the Welcoming Days 2022. This event will group together students from the medical and dentistry school. This event will take place from Monday the 26th of September to Wednesday 28 of September.

Since the Welcoming Days are designed for you and has proven highly helpful in the past for us, we highly recommend that you attend. Its main goal is to help you integrate into your new life in the university with an Opening Ceremony, an introduction to the basics of the Romanian language and culture, virtual visits and conferences and a meeting with the Dean of your respective faculties. A specific time will also be provided to help you with basic information on things such as banks, insurance and your registration with Immigration Services. It will also be a great first opportunity to get to know each other and us of course, too.

On top of the Welcoming Days 2022 that the school administration will organize, for the students from UMF, the English Medical Students’ Association will also organize some fun events throughout the week that will serve as icebreakers and a gala event at the end of the week. This gala will be done in conjunction with the CMC (French student organization).

We are very much looking forward to meet you all!

Enjoy the holidays and see you very soon!

English Medical Students’ Association and UMF

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